Our company has achieved a level three B-BBEE status, with 110% B-BBEE Procurement recognition, which we are proud of.

We fully support the B- BBEE Amendment Act, No 46 of 2013 and the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice 2007 listed therein, and we ensure that our policies within the company reflect the same.

Our B-BBEE Verification Certificate Is Available Upon Request.


As a member of the IFPA, we bind ourselves to a code of conduct and policies which demonstrate our commitment to lawful business practices, free and fair competition and compliance with competition and environmental laws, rules and regulations as well as the production and marketing of the highest quality products and services.


Since our inception in 2010, we have experienced zero incidents of harm to anyone on our sites, and we commit to maintaining our flawless safety record going forward.

All staff, vehicles and equipment comply with the Occupational Health and Safety (OCSA) ACT of 1993. Via our Safety Management System, WEGA teams adhere to site Mining Contractors’ packs and all Safety Standards prescribed by the Mine Health & Safety Act of 1996.

The management of WEGA is dedicated to implementing, documenting, and subsequently maintaining a quality management system throughout the company in order to ensure the high quality of our product supply and services.

Our quality management system makes use of a unique numbering classification which means that all certified welders number their welds and keep careful records to guarantee that all work is of the highest quality. On the product side, we only supply SABS-approved SANS 4427-2 pipes to clients.




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